Digital identity & Personal branding

ImageAs part of the marketing specialist family we are strongly advised to build a strong digital identity and promote ourself. Not in a bad way, just doing it in the way people can recognize you and your professional qualities as relevant in your work. See it as a personal branding, the way how you can promote yourself and create an online presence.

Of course, to promote yourself, the basic rule is to know yourself. Think about what you are interested in, think about your qualities and defaults. And ask the others to define you ! The perception they have is not necessarily the same as you have.

Thousand of different social networks are available today. Which one do I have to choose ? 

First of all, it is quite important to determine some rules. Are you going to use those social networks in a personal way or to promote your brand ?

What is the difference between those social networks ? On which one do I have to post or share that information ?

Like most of the time a good picture has more impact than a text.



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